10 Tips To Help You Drive Greener

Buying green, can produce significant benefits but so can small changes in your driving behavior. The following tips help you save money at the pump and contribute to the well-being of our planet:

Avoid putting the pedal to the metal.

Sudden starts and aggressive driving not only wastes your gas but this type of driving behavior adds to pollution. That’s because just one second of high-powered driving can produce the same level of carbon monoxide as 30 minutes of normal driving.

Slow down.

A lot of us like to gun it on the highway, pushing the speedometer up to 75 mph, but slowing down to 65 mph can increase your fuel economy by up to 10 percent – and decrease the amount of the pollution coming from your car.

Use the highest gear.

When you operate your car in the highest gear possible, your car’s engine speed goes down – and so does fuel use, harmful carbon dioxide emissions and engine wear.

Plan ahead.

When possible, plan your trips to avoid the stop-and-go of rush hour. And remember to pack all of your errands into one trip since a warmed-up engine generates fewer emissions.

Check your tires.

Every three pounds below your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure, reduces your fuel economy – so be sure to check air pressure monthly. When it’s time to replace your tires, consider switching to a low-rolling-resistance set designed to improve gas mileage.

Get a tune up.

Tune-ups help you save about four percent on gas mileage. Be sure to use an eco-friendly service station that recycles used fluids or safely disposes them.

Change the oil.

Changing the oil will help your car last longer—and help you save at the pump. Ask your mechanic to use eco-friendly recycled oil at your next service.

Pay attention at the pump.

Don’t overfill your gas tank or try to top it off because spilled gas evaporates into smog and can leak into groundwater. When you’re finished filling up, be sure you tighten your gas cap – to save as much as 30 gallons a year!

Park smart.

Parking your car in the shade not only helps you avoid feeling like you’ve entered a hot oven, but it helps minimize evaporation of fuel. Parking in your garage when possible or windshield shades to cut down on summer heat and keep off frost off in the winter.

Leave your car at home.

By walking, cycling or taking mass transit, you’ll make a big difference for our planet. When you leave your car at home just two days a week, you’ll help cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,500 pounds a year!

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