Thomson Magnum Supergloss Multiwood

When you attempt to create a shiny surface for your interior by using any type of wood or a wood substitute, it requires a lot of extra effort and money. Thomson Magnum Supergloss multiwood is the ideal alternative for you to utilize instead of these struggles. Getting a shiny surface is excellent for any interior to achieve the utmost beauty. Your indoor spaces will seem stunning and sophisticated with a cabinet with a high-gloss surface.

Magnum multiwood is waterproof, making it perfect for use in the kitchen or anywhere else where there is an issue with water and moisture. Your interior settings will stay tidy and durable for a very long time owing to the scratch-resistant glossy surface of Magnum Multiwood. Using this ready-to-use multiwood helps you reduce paint and laminating expenses.

Natural fibre board
Natural fibre board Kerala
Natural fibre board Kerala
Natural fibre board Kerala

This ensures the perfection you deserve for your interior. And can also create the best-looking and homely space without worrying about the pealing-off issues that are usually faced with laminated products. Magnum Supergloss Multiwood sheets come in 5 multiple colours, allowing you to use this unique product in a way that fits all of your design concepts. Purely sustainable and eco-friendly aspects give outstanding workability, and the required design can be built using normal or advanced woodworking tools.

Thomson Magnum Supergloss Multiwood Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-Use product
  • High Glossy Finish Surface
  • Recyclable
  • Lead-free
  • Fire Proof
  • Save paint & lamination cost
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water Resistant
Waterproof board


NFC board Kerala

Flame Retardant

Waterproof board

Water Resistant

Waterproof board

Good screw handling

NFC Kerala

Easily Machinable

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NFC board


Natural fibre board price

Resistant to Expansion/Contraction

NFC board Kerala

100% Eco-friendly

Natural fibre board dealer Kerala

No Splintering/Crack

FiWOOD Dealer in Kerala

Resistant to fungus, algae or mold

NFC board

No Harmful Ingrediants

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