Thomson Multiwood Eco-plus colour

Thomson Group introduces multiwood colour sheets in different fast moving shades like red, orange, grey, chocolate, yellow, blue, Black, Ivory and Green .This comes with homogenous properties and with the same characters of the regular mulitwood. The closing surface itself helps to use these sheets as it is for different applications like kitchen, wardrobe, letter cutting, name boards etc. This will save labour and painting on the normal sheets, thereby saves money and time. We have introduced this concept with the high demand of such a product from our customers and end users. Other than the above sheets we are planning to introduce more sheets as per customer demand. The colour sheets are now coming in 18mm sheets only. All other characters are same with regular multiwood especially the 100 % water proofing character. We are the first one who introduce this concept in India. There are lot many applications with the colour sheets other than the uses mentioned above.

Multiwood Color Sheets
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