Hidden story behind the Rides at Kanakakunnu

The rides at Kanakakunnu Palace have been offering enjoyment for Trivandrum residents for the last 12 years, but the artists stay in a pathetic situation due to the apathy by the regulators. Overall 60 staff and artists from Tamil Nadu, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Kerala create this project a achievements. But these workers are residing in deplorable circumstances especially in the matter of residing. Only around 10 tents are offered for them with five to eight people live in an individual hut. Ubaid had been performing in the Venture for the last 10 years. He is paid a sum of Rs 9000 per month, who joined up with an amount of Rs 1500 per month.

Riya, 24 and Ramesh, 25 had joined the project four or five years back and are compensated Rs 400 per day. Based to them, their beginning salary was Rs 50 per day. Raja, a stunt man from Bihar, is paid only a sum of Rs 4000 per month. He had been in the venture since the last one year. Dhirendar, 29, from Uttar Pradesh, is in the venture since a month ago and is paid a meager amount of Rs 7000. He shares his tent with five others from Uttar Pradesh. The artists have created Trivandrum their home town although they are not obtaining facilities for a homely feeling.

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