Reduce , Reuse and Recycle!!!

The life came into existence by various natural happenings in the beginning and it is still in existence due to the natural processes like photosynthesis, raining, sunlight, etc..These all would function properly only if the most important worker in this procedure is alive. Yes the trees, of course, they have a vital role in the proper functioning and maintenance of natural life.

Cutting down them and using them to make products useful for us cannot be avoided as a whole.But on the same time, there are various things that we humans can do, who have acquired deep knowledge and technology, but fail to do simple steps to sustain life.

Simple three steps -

Step 1 :

Reduce the number of cutting down the trees. Use alternative products of wood like #Multiwood which will serve you in all means.

Step 2 :

Reuse the products.Say for example Reuse envelopes and make your own cards.Another important thing that students can do is to submit your assignment in your own handwriting instead of taking prints.Also we can re-use wrapping papers that are hard to recycle.

Step 3 :

Consider recycling as a very important part in our daily life.Try disciplining yourself in recycling our necessities. It would be highly preferable to use separate trash bags for plastic, for organic waste, for boxes, for glasses etc..

Remember to plant trees. Trees help the Earth and people. We should think before cutting down trees, “When I cut down trees, I am actually affecting the life of people on Earth.”

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