Advantages of Multiwood

he external appearance of the MULTIWOOD itself is elegant and natural. It is a homogeneous sheet, pure white in colour and is suitable for direct applications and needs no surface polishing. MULTIWOOD can be screwed, drilled, planed, carved, painted, glued and can be moulded to shape also. Owing to its versatility, it has been widely used for interior decoration and many customized applications. Resistance to chemicals, water proofing features, fire retardant characteristics, bending features etc. make MULTIWOOD a real edge over Wood, and hence suitable for ‘Speciality applications’. Even best quality MDF or PLYWOOD is not borer/termite or waterproof and hence will perish in few years time. But for MULTIWOOD we give lifetime guarantee for its quality. MULTIWOOD is ideally suitable for both interior and exterior use. The superior and unique quality of MULTIWOOD has gained success and acceptance among our clients since inception in India. Thomsun Group ensures regular and consistent supply ofMULTIWOOD sheets to our customers spread all over South India.

MULTIWOOD for Kitchen Use

Kitchen and work area racks & cabinets. Living Room / Showcases, racks, display stands and interior doors etc. BedRoom/Wardrobes, cabinets, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, mirror stands etc. Dining Room/Table top, crockery shelf etc. Bathroom-Wash counters, towel cabinets, bathtub interiors, bathroom wall false-ceiling and door cladding etc. Toilet & bathroom doors. Designer work like Sopanam & Thoovanam.

MULTIWOOD for Office Use

Customized Office & Conference table, cabinets, partitions, cubicles, file racks, computer tables, etc.

MULTIWOOD for Industrial Use

For A/c and electrical duct covering, partitions and false-ceiling of machine and electrical rooms. Factory hall/electrical room, cabins, partitions, false-ceiling, wall cladding and work stations.

MULTIWOOD for Hospital & Hotel

Operation theater false-ceiling & wall cladding, Lab rack & table top. Kitchen cabinets, Partitions & Table top. Can be used as ‘ Table Top’ in Auditoriums.

MULTIWOOD for Advertising and Signboard

Advertising, Screen printing, Hoardings and other Signage applications.Name board letter cutting & signboards.

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