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When one envisions his house where sees his family live, his children growing up, and all the happy moments that he will shares with them, he has a perfect pictures of how his house needs to be. For most, their vision for their future house shares one common theme, the Nature. When it comes to interior designing wood plays an important role to give the best feel of being at home. Most interior designers use wood creatively to design the best living space for one's family. Wood gives the entire room a beautiful feel, it goes with any kinds of decor. Moreover, if one considers selling, a wooden finish house is always something that pulls up the value as time moves by.


Wood is classy but comes with a variety of worries

The first botheration when one chooses wood for the interior design of his home, is the cost. Wood is a costly raw material, but beyond that the workmanship and skill required to mould your dreams into the reality comes with additional expenses too. Not to mention the fact that you have to take good care of it after you have built your home with it. These wooden interiors require polishing atleast every 3 years to give good life. Termites are yet another killers for wooden interiors, requiring maintenance every once a while. Kerala being in the tropics, people tend to use much water for daily purposes than the northern counterparts in addition to the rainy season. In the event that one owns a pet dog, the wooden floors are susceptible to scratch and damages. With the ever increasing population and the increasing demand of wood for home decor, today it's quite expensive and hard to get one's hands on good quality wood. Not to mention, the increasing need has decreased the vast forest lands that we once had. With conservation in mind one can not entirely rely on wood to become a key construction entity for his home.

So what does one do when caught up in between sustainability and happiness?

Choose Multiwood. Multiwood is one of the most convenient and cost effective replacement for conventional wood. Though not entirely wood in the inside it is every bit of wood on the outside. Multiwood is a polymer composite made up of UPVC polyester resin combined with a polymer foam. Being a composite it is stronger, more water resistant, corrosion free and retardant to fire. Another added advantage is that Multiwood is Termite and Borer resistant, giving wider range of possibilities of application. The ability of Multiwood to be molded to any shape, of any size and any design makes it even more valuable to interior designers. From classical construction to the most modern contemporary models, interior designers have taken the application of Multiwood to the next level. In comparison to other widely available replacements of wood such as the Plywood and the Medium Density Fiberboards (MDFs), Multiwood has better strength, more durability, better wet resistance applications and at the same time better cost effectiveness as compared to the rest. Requiring easier maintenance compared to the others, Multiwood is the perfect replacement for your homes. May it be flooring, cupboards, furniture or home decor, Multiwood is the perfect companion for your home needs.

Thomson Multiwood and why you must opt of them


In Gods Own Country, Kerala - Thomson Multiwood was the first to introduce Multiwood concept into the market. Since then for 10 years, they have helped build dreams and make realities with their concept without cutting a single tree. In a way, using Multiwood means that you help conserve nature. At the same time ensuring that you enjoy the life with nature all around you with both the vintage style olden days, the golden era, and the modern contemporary style. In conclusion, for your family to live in a beautiful home, with a gentle touch of nature and a heart for going green, Thomson Multiwood is the right companion for your needs. Being a recyclable material, with a lifetime guarantee, using Multiwood not only reduces the need to cut trees, at the same time one helps the cause of re-plantation and going green back to nature.

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