In the era where everything is fast, everything has become dangerous as well. We are planning on our own extinction. By killing earth; by killing our only home. Some theorists still believe that if we control our life and lifestyle we could still save what is left on the planet. Going green has become mandatory instead of us choosing it. Here are some ideas that you can use at home to become a green citizen of earth.

Start your own garden, in your backyard or terrace. A small herb garden will save you money and make you green citizen. Start using CFL blubs. They are good for the environment as they save electricity and good for the eyes as well. Buy and use energy efficient home appliances. Check for energy star. Check with local vendors and make compost bins in your backyards for waste management. Stop using plastic bags for shopping. Use coth or jute back as much as possible. In real need try using bags made of recyclable plastic. By reusable water bottles rather than disposable one. Do you laundry in cold water instead of hot and try to dry them outside instead of machine driers Don’t switch on the light unless it’s absolutely necessary, move your curtains and enjoy the natural light during daytime. Don’t forget to turn on lights when you don’t need it. Always drive in speed limits and switch of your engine during long traffic signals.

  1. Try to finish as much errands as possible in one trip so you don’t waste energy on travelling again and again.

  2. If the place you need to go is just 1 or 2 Kms away, try walking or cycling towards it .

  3. Buy locally produced food

  4. Switch off and pull out the plugs of Home appliances and computers when you are not using the.

  5. Get your bills and newsletters online.

  6. Don’t throw away paper. Make paper bags if possible.

  7. Print both sides or let your little ones colour the back side of the used paper.

  8. Subscribe to eco friendly blogs, so you get news ways to be green.

  9. Fix the faucets if they are leaking.

  10. Fine out recipes to make homemade house cleaners.

  11. Check if you can have a rain water harvesting system installed.

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