Go Green in Office

We are living a life of consumerism. We spent most of our time in our office to buy thing that we don’t need but we want. And changing that philosophy of living is next to impossible. What we can do is reduce the side effects of our life style on earth so that we have a place to live tomorrow. Being a Green Citizen is something that is in our hand. We can do it at home and we can even do it in our office. Employer and employee both have to go hand in hand to implement these methods and process that will be able to help earth breath a better air. Here are some ideas on how to go about it. 1.Start using reusable pens. And use refills as long as possible. 2.Keep a tab on office supplies cabinet. Just because it’s freely available does not mean that you have to waste it. 3.Try to eliminate waste in printing. There are softwares that help you with this like GreenPrint etc. 4.Be Digital – Be digital in all the process. Now there are options of digital signatures. 5.Keep you mailing list updated so that you don’t send mails to the address that done exist anymore. 6.Buy recycled and eco friendly paper 7.Change printer and copier default setting as double sided printing. 8.Use smaller fonts 9.Trying casual wear in office if your employer is fine with that. 10.Travel for business only when it’s absolutely necessary. Else telecommute. 11.If your office has a set lunch time. Try power down options during that period. Check with the admin team if they can switch off the AC when people are not around. 12.Keep you computers on power saving mode and remove screen savers. 13Check the possibility of solar power and use natural light as much as possible. 14.Installing motion sensors in the room can save lot of energy. So when someone step into a room all the power is up and if there is not one on the room for long time the power is off. 15.Buy LED lamps and CFL blubs 16.Use green cleaning products. 17.Put posters in the washroom to reduce usage of water. 18.He water saving faucets installed 19.Buy remanufactured ink cartridges 20.And have as much green plants in office as possible. There will help you with your health and reduce room temperature so your AC will work on energy saving mode.

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