Home alone is not always fun

In the crowded world we all yearn for solitude and in few years our wish might come true. With the current rate of deforestation and usage of natural resources which are non renewable, its matter of years when we lose hold on the natural order of this. Chaos theory looks exciting but not everyone sees the other side of it. The major catastrophic events that brought chaos on earth is said to be the ice age and asteroid in Jurassic era, which wiped out millions of species from the face of the earth. The world forest has reduced to merely 20% of what it used to be there few years ago. And the major contribution to deforestation was give by the industrial revolution.

Now what has that got to do with us? Most of us are already aware of the situation of ozone depletion and global warming. Most of us are ignoring those lives changing topic just because we don’t want to move out of our comfort zone. Each wooden furniture we make and every paper we write on was one part of the ecosystem; it was once a breathing tree that was providing oxygen that we all need, it was holding the earth together saving us from floods due to soil erosion. And in the future we will face a time where there will be all the furniture we need but no people to sit on. There will be time when global warming will melt the arctic ice and there will be no trees to protect us from flood. Eventually there is will be time when there will be no oxygen to breath.

What can we do about it? We can stop cutting trees’ to begin with. Every person’s lifestyle can affect the in favour or adversely to deforestation. All we need to do is, buy commodities and use resources only as much we need. If it’s not needed to be printed, don’t print; automate the process to paperless completions. We all want to build home for our family and we can do that in an eco friendly was as well. Products like MultiWood help us to do so. We all love pretty furniture and we can get same without cutting the trees. Using alternative products and reducing the wood and natural resource consumption will help us delay or may be cancelling the next catastrophe which could marked an end to human species. Home alone would be fun now but would not be fun in the future.

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