How to Save Trees

We all have seen many write-ups on why we should save trees, very few on how. As we know with the amount of deforestation in the current era, if we don’t replace the tress and stop deforestation there will be a time, when we won’t have oxygen emitting trees, in other words “End of world”. So let’s talk little about how to save tree.

We already know the basic things like planting more trees and recycling. Planting more trees is the best way, but it takes more way too many years for the sapling to be a fully grown oxygen emitting tree. So we can’t depend on just planting trees, again that doesn’t mean we should stop. We can have as many trees as possible to save the future. Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment. So next time you throw away garbage, use dry waste segregation system. Keep the paper thrash away from wet ones so that paper can go for recycling. There are some others ways of recycling as well, look for them online.

There are few other ways in which you can help to reduce the usage of paper, directly reducing deforestation.

1.Cut down on unwanted magazine subscription. And send the used one for recycling. 2.You cloth napkin instead of paper napkin in the restaurant. 3.Keep as much data as possible in softcopies. Every time you have to print anything, think twice about whether the printing of the document is critically important. 4.While printing or writing, try to use both side of papers. 5.Try to use recycled paper as much as possible. This comes true even for paper towels and toilet papers. 6.Try to reuse the paper material as much as possible before throwing them away. 7.Buy only non glossy news paper. Glossy ones have clay coating on them, which hinders the recycling process. 8.Make your surveys and petitions online. 9.Reuse the envelops and wrapping paper 10.Make your own cards by recycling. 11.Use non wood furniture from providers like Multiwood.

These are not the only way to go about it, but this sure gives you a head start. You might think there are billions of people saying save tree, what’s special about this article. Yes there are billions of people talking about saving tree, but only few who are actually doing it. It will take every living soul’s effort the bring earth back to life.

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