How To Save Trees ?

In this world we live in, trees are constantly neglected as forests are cut down to build buildings, and other things we need. Here is how to help conserve the planet’s beloved trees.

1.Recycle in a smart way:

Cut down on and share magazines, return unwanted catalogs to the sender.

Look for tips on recycling so you know that your efforts will be rewarded with recycled material.

Throw paper and cardboard in a bag separately from cans, glass and plastics

2.Try to use both sides of your papers.

Use a printer that prints on both sides automatically e.g. HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Series or a similar printer of other make. Make a draft box(if you are in your office). Put in this box all the papers that have been printed on one side and use them as draft papers

3.Before printing a picture or document, ask yourself, “Do I really need to print this out?” If you’re writing a paper for school, most teachers will accept neat handwritten work.

4.Don’t make exceptions at restaurants. If a waiter/waitress brings you napkins, just say no nicely.

5.Re-use wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is hard to recycle.

6.Try to use non “glossy” newspapers, as they are difficult to recycle due to their topped coat of clay.

7.Make sure any paper you buy (toilet rolls, tissue papers, writing paper) comes from recycled sources.

8.Ask your boss to buy recycled paper for your workplace.

9.Re-use paper bags or compost receipts and torn-up bank statements.

10.Stop cutting trees Remember to plant trees.

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