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Every day, we must use or at least be related to the paper. Without knowing it, our dependency to the paper turns out to be wasteful behavior leading to deforestation. Every 15 reams of A4 paper will need a tree. Every 7,000 pieces of newspapers people read daily will consume 10-17 forest trees. In just a day, how many millions sheets of paper are used by Indonesian people, and this means that there are millions of forest trees are cut down to meet those needs.

So what can we do to save Indonesia’s forests which cover about 120 million hectares? If we are just ‘ordinary people’ who have no political power and policy that can change anything in the system, we can turn into extraordinary people by applying friendly attitude towards the forest. For example, by saving the paper because paper comes from the forest trees. Approximately, 70% raw materials to produce paper are woods from the forest.

Use both sides of the paper

For not so important draft or document, use both sides of the paper for printing. This will save paper twice because if you print them only on one side you will need twice pieces of paper.

Use used paper

You can use the empty sides of used documents. Furthermore, you can bind them to have a new note book instead of buying a new one.

Set the document margins

Minimize the margins of the documents or minimize the letter size in order to have more printings and save paper. Use Times New Roman or Arial because these two fonts need little space on the paper.

Optimize using email

For correspondence that is not too important and does not need physical evidence in the form of printed letters, just use email. For internal communications between branch offices / representatives, have email as communication media instead of using air mail which consumes paper. Using email saves paper and money. Invitations via email nowadays are more effective and efficient.

Store documents digitally

For regular documents or monthly reports should not always be printed. You can store them in digital forms in your computer. Make sure you have them backed up elsewhere such as in a flash disc, disc or external hard disc in case you have some trouble with your computer.

Use digital camera

Digital cameras can save a lot of paper. You can store the photo documentations on your computer and print the selected ones. Unlike the analog cameras or Polaroid, you will spend more paper.

Do not distribute unnecessary hand-outs during seminar

In organizing a seminar or workshop, you do not need to distribute notebooks or pads to the participants. Most participants in a seminar or workshop must have their own notebooks, especially for professionals. Stop distributing unnecessary hand-outs during seminar or workshop will save paper and money too. You can also send the materials of the event via email in advance instead of printing all of them.

Optimizing Newspaper

In the modern era where you can access information and news on the net, it is advisable that you stop subscribing newspaper and read it online instead. Or, you can read a physical newspaper at your office. If you really need to subscribe and have the physical one, have the collected newspaper for recycle and get more money.

Use recycled or non-wood paper

If it is possible, use recycled paper or non-timber paper (eg paper from straw). Unfortunately, it is in Indonesia is still very difficult to find these products, if now more expensive than plain paper.

Think twice before distributing leaflets

Make sure that the leaflets or flyers you distribute will be handed out to the right people who really need the information.

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