Planting trees to save wildlife

The positive point of planting more and more trees is to reduce pollution. It not only helps human beings to survive but also provides the animals to live a healthy and safe life. For large number of animals trees means home. Today large number of trees is cutting down which results in the deforestation.

Planting more and more trees should be the motto of life in order to save the life of animals. We cut trees for our own use without knowing their harmful effects for the future.

Large numbers of animals like tiger, gorilla, peacock and many more wild animals are killing at a very fast rate. They usually live in the forests but we cut down the trees. Thus they have to move from their places in order to get shelter for themselves. Thus these animals can be killed by the humans for their use like for making leather, to make beautiful things with their body.

This all result in the destruction of wildlife. Thus in future a day will come when there is complete destruction of animals. The best way is to plant more and more trees in order to save wildlife. Habitat of tiger are destroying by the human due to conversion of land into agriculture, to make homes in order to meet the growing demand of increasing population, wood for fuel etc. Thus no animal is safe from us. One has to be aware about the different ways to plant trees.

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