Reduce Pollution, Save Earth

Everyone talks of pollution now-a-days, many organisations too have sprung up for this cause. We depend on these organisations to control pollution but, little do we care about our own contribution towards controlling pollution. Media is playing a powerful role in influencing people to care about our environment, but media itself is only capable to spread awareness, it is the duty of we citizens to do our share.

Small changes in our lifestyle could make a considerable impact on our environment. It doesn’t takes much effort to make a few ordinary changes in our lifestyle which will be beneficial for both we and our environment…..all we need is the right knowledge and a willingness to make that change.

Below are few ways which may help you to contribute towards preserving our mother earth:

Do think before buying any product and do question yourself- do I really need it? This will certainly help you to reduce your costs and reduce your wastes.

Whenever possible replace disposable items with reusable once. For instance, one can replace throw-away batteries with rechargeable batteries.

While shopping, if you only buy a few products skip the plastic bags. For larger purchases bring your own bags

Use CFLs instead of mercury containing tube-lights or incandescent bulbs.

Don’t keep computers or televisions on a stand-by mode when you know you won’t use it for more than 15mins. Switch them off instead.

Use non-toxic household cleaners whenever possible.

While buying personal hygiene products, buy a big pack. In this way, you cut down on your costs and also reduce the waste created by packaging.

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