Tree Plantation and Conservation

Importance of trees, forests and the green cover of the earth are well known. Trees are our best and most valuable friends. In Pakistan traditions and culture many types of trees are held sacred and worshiped only because of this reason. Trees and forests play a very vital role in the growth and development of human society. They are also important for beasts, birds and others forms of life. Without trees life is not possible. God first created trees and vegetation and then men and animals because the former sustain life.Trees give us fruits, flowers, medicines, fuel, timber, shelter and many other things. They not only beautify environment but also prevent floods, droughts, famines, soil-erosion, land-slides, desertification etc. they work as a great force and instrument in maintaining ecological balance in nature. They work as a great force and instrument in maintaining ecological balance in the nature. They prevent pollution and keep the atmosphere fresh, lively and vibrating. They are part and parcel of our environment.But unfortunately, the forest cover of the earth is shrinking rapidly. There has been indiscriminate destruction of trees and forests on a large scale. Depletion of forest wealth has caused many serious problems. These include floods, droughts, famines, erratic rainfalls, soil erosion, desertification and landslides. Because lack of trees and forests, the water cannot be absorbed in the earth and so there are floods and soil-erosion. Forests are very valuable and renewable resources of nature and must be protected and preserved at all costs. More and more trees should be planted and then seen to be matured. Social forestry should be popularized. Felling of trees should be strictly prohibited and the offenders properly punished. More and more people, non-government agencies, social groups, panchayats etc. should be involved in Van Mahotsava and tree –plantation. Students in schools and colleges should be inspired and motivated to plant and protect trees. It should be made obligatory that at least one tree is planted by each and every person in the country.The influence and impact of trees on all living beings including man is very soothing and pleasant. They keep us happy, healthy and cheerful. They provide us with life-giving oxygen and work as valuable barrier to noise-pollution. It is in the forests that our Vedas, Upanishads were created and composed. We should protect and conserve the trees, the most beautiful gift of God and nature. Plantation and protection of tree is a great creative activity. It is also participation in divinity. There cannot be a greater sin that felling a tree.

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