Use Multiwood, Save Trees

MULTIWOOD, a real substitute of wood, is made up of ‘U’ Pvc polyester and is 100% water proof. The main advantage of MULTIWOOD is that it is 100% recyclable and environment friendly. As wood particles are not used in MULTIWOOD, it saves trees, thereby protecting our eco system.

MULTIWOOD could also be crafted to any shape, size, design & colour of user’s choice. MULTIWOOD can be screwed, drilled, planed, carved, painted, and glued also. Owing to its versatility, it has been widely used for interior decoration and for many customized applications. Resistance to chemicals, waterproofing features, fire-retardant characteristics, bending features etc. makes MULTIWOOD a real edge over wood, and hence suitable for ‘speciality applications’. Even best quality MDF or PLYWOOD is not borer/termite or waterproof, hence perish in few years time.

MULTIWOOD has unique features and long-lasting properties, hence can withstand any climatic conditions. Because of the comprehensive applications of MULTIWOOD, it has already been used in building decoration and renovation work and is ideally suitable for both interior and exterior use.

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