Fight unfavourable weather changes with Multiwood

We have all experienced the usual beauty of the wood products, crafted exclusively for kitchens, rooms and other areas of dignified homes. The hard carpentry gives a sense of fulfilment to our hearts until the wood starts taking in the moisture content from the air, (when the humidity gets more than 55% which is kind of unavoidable in Kerala) and starts to react due to temperature changes. Soon after, your perfect furniture appears swollen, cracked or strained. The ascent and descent of humidity affect the wood haphazardly, thus damaging it in due course.

For such inconveniences of wood slumping, Multiwood comes as an integrated respite. This lead-free polymer profile sheet is a hassle-free solution for your cabinets and wardrobes in humid temperatures. Multiwood is 100% waterproof, termite, and borer proof, corrosion free and fire retardant. Its exclusive features and durability make it fit as a real substitute for wood.

How Multiwood is an optimal choice

Wood items need to be climate controlled to avoid getting too moist, sticky and curved. This may be done by installing instruments for checking moisture and energy efficient windows, using humidifiers, making ways to ventilate inner spaces, etc. All these measures may not be practicable. Besides, they involve additional costs. Multiwood, which is 100% recyclable, is a cost-effective way to wood problems with comprehensive applications. From wet areas like the kitchen to sensitive ones like operation theatres, and regular spaces such as bedrooms, car porch roof, washing machine stand, electronic panel boards, interior wall cladding, etc., Multiwood is reliable for all types of purposes. Screw it, drill it, carve it, or mould it to any shape. Multiwood has custom-built applications and comes with a lifetime guarantee for internal and external use. It is the finest and worthwhile solution to building exquisite and graceful homes.

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